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Walk from home, wherever, whenever, with your family or on your own. #GMWalkFest #WalkYourWay Be part of the free Let's Walk Festival 12-25th October 2020 and help Greater Manchester take on the world!

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The Greater Manchester Virtual Walking Festival - Help Greater Manchester take on the world to walk 25,000 miles!

The first Greater Manchester Virtual Walking Festival is in October 2020, and you’re invited! We're bringing you the opportunity to walk from where you are, at a time you choose and in a way that suits you. And it's free! No matter whether you’re a stroller, roamer, shuffler, moocher or a marcher you can take part in a fortnight of walking activities, 12th -25th October 2020. Record your walking activity and help Greater Manchester to walk 25,000 miles round the world during this fortnight!

The ‘Let’s Walk’ festival fortnight is an opportunity to set yourself (or your family) a walking goal and discover the simple joys and benefits of walking, with an option to raise money for local causes too.

It’s simple to sign up and join in – why not involve neighbours, friends and family to take part too and together have fun and re-discover, or perhaps discover for the first time, the joy of the journey!

It’s easy to get started in 3 simple steps
1. Choose a goal
2. Sign up
3. Get walking!

If you would like to, you can also opt to raise money for a local charity

Ready? Great, let’s get started!

Walk at your own pace

Choose a challenge that's right for you. Here are just a few of the options on offer.

A mile a day Get out for a local walk to the shops or for some fresh air.

10,000 steps Count your steps using your smart phone and see how active you are.

30 minutes a day Walk for 30 minutes a day and you'll be feel fitter and healthier.