10,000 steps per day

Clock up 10,000 steps over the day on 10 out of 14 days of the Let's Walk Festival fortnight! Not all have to be achieved during the walk, but you'll definitely need to get out for a walk to hit this target.

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Motivations and Ideas

Use your smart phone to record your steps. Could you encourage members of your household to join you on some of your walks?

Physical fitness or a personal challenge Moving for 10,000 steps on most days will help maintain your physical health and fitness. 10,000 steps is the equivalent of about 5 miles of walking.

Visit some green space Accessing greenspace is good for mental wellbeing. You could walk to some greenery a little further away, explore it and walk back!

Vary the routes Discover new footpaths or quiet streets near you. Try walking to the shops the long way round!

Find new routes There are lots of Greater Manchester routes of varying lengths on the GM walking website

Route ideas