Walk Accumulator Challenge

Increase the length of the walk each day of the challenge by 500 steps of 5 minutes. Why not start with a walk of 10 minutes or about 1000 steps. Day 2 would be 15 minutes or 1500 steps and Day 3, 20 minutes and 2000 steps. So on your 10th accumulated walk of the Let's Walk Festival fortnight you'll end up walking 5500 steps, 2.75 miles and walking for an hour.

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Motivations and Ideas

Great for a fitness challenge. Could you get a friend to join you together or remotely to keep you both motivated and focused. Why not try to mix up the pace and do some brisk walking as part of the challenge.

Focus on the goal Let someone know your goal so they ask you about progress. Try planning a route before you go using 1 mile as 2000 steps as a guide

Involve others Why not take a phone and to a friend on your longer walks. Or get someone to come out with you.