Walk to School Challenge

Walk to school (and back again for parents!) on at least 5 days over the fortnight. Following on from Walk to School Week last week, this is a great opportunity to build on new active travel habits this Autumn.

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Motivations and Ideas

If walking to school every day is too much, could you and a local friend alternate the days you walk the kids to school? Or drop off and pick up? If you're working from home, could your employer accommodate a slightly later start or more flexible working hours so that you can fit the walk to school drop off into your day? Or, if you live too far away from school, or need to continue on to a workplace, could you park at least 15 minutes from school and walk in from there. It would help improve safety around the school gates.

Family Time Time to chat at the start and end of the day. Try different routes to find the quietest way. Could you try and spot particular things on the journey?

Activities for children

Environment Using the car less reduces emissions and can help improve air quality. It would also help reduce congestion around the school - for the benefit of everyone and safety of the children.

Daily exercise Walking to school is a great way for all the family to be active, get fresh air and gain an energy boost