Explore your local area

Walking pace is the perfect speed for noticing what is around us. If you usually move around the area in a car, you'll be surprised at what you can discover on foot near to where you live. And much of it cannot be reached by car.

Discover new places

Where does this path go? What's down here? Find the hidden gems, pockets of greenspace and see your area from a different angle. Take a new route to the shops - down the quieter roads with little traffic and discover more about your neighbourhood and community.

Learn more about where you live

What did that building used to be? When was it built? Which type of tree is that is that leaf from? Who is that road named after? Got a question? Take a picture, look it up when you get back home and learn more about your area!

Greenspaces and waterways Spending time in natural environments is good for our mental health and well being

History of your local area What are the stories behind where you live now? There will be clues all around you.