Can I take my kids with me?

Yes, of course! Just be sure to choose an activity which is suitable for their ages and ability. Start with something easy, as you can always go a little bit further next time. Going a walk with children or grandchildren is a wonderful way to spend time together. And everyone benefits from being outdoors.

Before you saunter off, read our advice guide to ensure all the family have fun.

Plan an adventure

Ask the younger members of your family if they’d like to go for a walk, and you may hear a few grunts and grumbles. But suggest they follow a treasure hunt or pretend to be explorers in the jungle, and they’ll be rushing for the door. Search for paw prints and listen out for bird song on a woodland trail, and look for quirky buildings or funny street names if you’re strolling around a city – everyone will soon discover walks can be fun.

Make the walk exciting

Children will find a walk along a straight route dull and boring. Paths that twist and turn, with stiles to climb over, tree stumps to jump on and stepping stones to cross, are much more fun. If your surroundings aren’t exciting, encourage young ones to sing a favourite song or make up new words to a familiar tune. Hold hands and skip along, or invent some funny walks. Above all, laugh!

Have a reward ready

It’s amazing how a reluctant child can be motivated to walk if they know an adventure playground, rock pool or ice-cream van awaits them on the walk. (Even a small secret stash of sweets can work wonders if motivation or energy needs an extra boost!)

Young girl playing in the woods on a walk with parents