Common questions about the Festival

Answers to the most frequently asked questions, so you can make the most of the walking festival. We have also compiled some hints and tips to make your walk comfortable and stress free, so you can walk whatever the weather, wherever you like, and as often as you like!

Key Features of the Let’s Walk Festival

  • 1 mile = 2000 steps
  • Walking activity can also be entered as a time e.g. 20 minutes. The website will calculate how far has been walked in that time.   Any amount of time counts! #ThatCounts!
  • You can take part in more than one activity throughout the festival. But please don’t enter the same walking activity for more than one goal.
  • Participants can use a phone, tablet or computer to enter their walking activity.

Top Tips For workplaces:

  •  View and download our information sheet for organisations here
  • As well as taking part in the Let’s Walk Festival fortnight, on Wednesday 14th and 21st we will be showcasing workplaces as #WorkplaceWednesday
  • Encourage all your staff to log activity and get involved for a specific challenge or take a walk at a particular time to create a workplace buzz.
  • Don’t forget to log your walking activity and share via social media.
  • You can add a description and photos via the log activity page too.

Greater Manchester takes on the World!

Your walk contribution will go towards the larger aim which is to help Greater Manchester walk a combined distance all the way around the world, totalling 250000 miles! 

Your walks will also count towards the total for your Borough, so every step counts!

What do I take with me?

Let’s admit it, living in Greater Manchester, we have our fair share of rainy days and it can make it a little harder to get outside. But with walking being one of the very best kinds of daily exercise we can engage in for both our mental and physical health, should we be giving into the sofa as the heavens open? Or should we find a way to brave the elements and get outside?

If it’s just the weather that’s putting you off walking, why not try one of our top 5 tips to help you get out despite the rain and enjoy a daily dose of fresh air and inspiration:

  1. Get the Gear

Worried about the weather? All you really need is the right clothing and you’ll be well protected from the elements. It sounds expensive but with some good shopping about, for less than £50 you can kit yourself out with clothing which will last you for years:

  • A waterproof jacket with hood and taped seams;
  • A pair of wellington boots, walking boots or synthetic mesh trainers;
  • An umbrella (optional).
  • Take a drink in warm weather!
  • Take snacks or even a picnic if you are taking children (or intend to be out several hours)
  • Take a charged mobile phone, (for emergencies and for photography) and ideally let someone else know where you plan to go
  • A pen and paper can also come in handy

Avoid heavy denim or sweatpants as they will soak up rain, and are very hot in warm weather. A pair of sweat-wicking leggings or joggers (or even shorts!) are best for keeping the rain at bay and are fast drying.

  1. Start Small

As humans, we have the amazing way of over-complicating things. Just 15-30 minutes walking a day can have a profound effect on your physical and mental health. Just one mile a day is an additional 2000 steps every day, which adds up to 14000 every week! Start small, work out a short circular route around your local streets or a loop of your closest park and work up from there!

  1. Make a Date with a Friend

Research has proven that we are twice as likely to keep to our exercise plans if we arrange to meet up with someone else to do them. And you know what, once you get chatting with a friend in the park, even the worst storm won’t stop you!

  1. Create a Routine

Maybe you’re a morning person, perhaps it’s a good way to break up your day or possibly it’s a great way to escape the family for a bit of ‘me’ time before bed. Whichever suits you, make it a part of your daily routine. Add your daily walk to your diary just like you would any other appointment and keep yourself accountable to it for at least a month. Before you know it, your daily walk around the block will become as commonplace as brushing your teeth.

  1. Set Yourself a Challenge

Whether you use an app, a fitness tracker, a friend to keep you accountable or just a good old-fashioned notepad and pen, set yourself a goal to achieve with your walking and you’ll be tempted to go outside no matter the weather.

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