What if I’m disabled or have health issues?

As always, we’re including all pedestrians, including those who use wheelchairs or mobility aids. If you have limited mobility, or are a wheelchair user, it’s not always easy to access more rural areas or some trails and paths. The Let's Walk Festival encourages you to walk in ways that suit you, walk close to home and consider exploring new places to enjoy the outdoors.

People with limited mobility and wheelchair users

Everyone should be able to enjoy the outdoors, no matter what their ability. However, if you have limited mobility, or are a wheelchair user, it’s not always easy to access the countryside.

If you are able to walk on flat paths, having a companion with you may help you to overcome some obstacles such as over grown vegetation, overhanging trees, stiles or steps. Or, these obstacles may prevent you from progressing along that route.

Users of both manual and powered wheelchairs can expect to encounter major problems on most country paths, particularly those with challenging surfaces, steps and obstructions. You are entitled to take a wheelchair anywhere that is open to walkers, but that does not mean the path will be practical for a wheelchair user.

If you have limited mobility you may also need other facilities such as regular rest stops; accessible toilets; extra wide parking spaces; or accessible public transport. So it is worth doing some research beforehand to decide if a particular route is within your ability.

The GM Walking website Walking Routes page lists many routes of various lengths across Greater Manchester.  Look out for the key showing which are wheelchair friendly and which have toilets and café facilities.

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