Local Interest Walk

Try going out for an hour's walk to discover more about where you live. Could you find 3 things to find out about when you get home? There's a lot out there, so why not do two of these discovery walks during the Let's Walk Festival fortnight.

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Motivations and Ideas

Do you love learning? Do you want to find out more about your local area? Walking is a great way to do this. From nature, the history of local buildings, finding out about local people or the origin of road names there's lots to discover. Don't forget to take pen and paper and a camera!

Local route knowledge Where are your 4 nearest post boxes? Where's the nearest road(s) beginning with 'W'? When was the local church built?

Buildings What was that building originally used for? Who built it, when and why?

Share what you've learned Why not share what you've discovered on @GMwalks #GMWalkFest and inspire others too!