Green space activity walk

Give your walk to the local park an extra focus! Or focus on the trees, local gardens or hedges near you. Make it a 3000 step walk and make the most of it. 3000 steps is about 1.5 miles, or 30-45 minutes.

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Ideas and motivations

Spending time in green space is brilliant for our mental well-being. Great for family time - whatever the weather. Get the coats and wellies on and have fun! Discover and explore the nature right on your doorstep.

Family discovery activities There's lots to discover - different leaves, creepy crawlies, new paths

Active Play Muddy puddle jumping, kicking up leaves, balancing on logs, climbing trees

Take Notice Could you slow down and take in what's around you? Stop, listen and count the different bird songs?

Activity sheets available See our resources page for activity ideas